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ADDRESS No 5, Jalan EIP 2, Ehsan Industrial Park, 52100 Kepong, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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CSK Car Paint Doctor since 1993 We provides professional & reliable full range car respray service to car lovers out there. With 28 years of experience in this field, we are definitely your car paint doctor & the best person to take care your buddy’s shirt.
Experience Breathtaking Car Paint We are a comprehensive auto body care centre specialize in auto respraying since 1993. Other than collision repair, we are also your vehicle stylist. With our experience and passion, we can definitely transform your car to what you have imagine. Keep upgrading our facility, environment and keeping us up to trend with the worldwide autobody respraying field is to serve our customer the best who put their trust on us.
Friendly reminder We understand you Is not like you need to respray your car frequently and is not a small amount too, therefore you’ll take some time to survey a few workshop and find out the most suitable workshop for you and your beloved ride. The first option comes in your mind of course is 4S Centre, but the pricing is way more over your budget! Don’t worry, we are here to solve your car’s body & paintwork problem with quality paintwork & reasonable price. It depends you’ll use your car for long term own usage or sell it shortly, if you are keeping your car for long term own usage, then the most important point you should consider is durability, lasting period of the paint instead of just the price.
We Emphasize
You & your ride deserve an OEM quality & finishes & we are way more AFFORDABLE than 4S Centre!
Services Programs
Collision repair & respray
Don’t panic if this happen to you, we can fix it back like original shape with our Experience, Technology & Workmanship!
Change colour
Changing your car image with your favorite colour and inject the new life to it too! Your car will definitely be an eye-grabber on the road!
Car Detailing Program
Your car needs regular detailing just like every women need regular facial. Regular detailing not only extend the life of your car paint, but it actually adds value to it & keeps your car looking new all the time!
Interior Recondition & Refurbishment
Interior refurbishment will definitely make your car looking young and new again! If there’s scratches here and there on your leather or dashboard, no worry we can recondition it!
Sport rims and calipers
Respray or change colour for your rims and calipers will add a sportier appearance to your vehicle and make it stand out. Besides that, we have powder coated services for your rims too!
Antique & Classic Car Restoration
Restoring classic car can be a fantastic way to bring a piece of automotive history back to life. By restoring your precious antique car, it will retain or even bring the vehicle’s value to the next level.
Motor Insurance Renewal
Get your car insured quick & easy with us today. We’ll advise what’s the best for your buddy. We’ve got your back incase you are panic when your car is in accident!
Insurance and Windscreen Claim
We always have a quality control on insurance and windscreen claim to make sure that the final outcome is satisfied.
Respray exterior
Respray your car with a whole new exterior look when the paint looks dull after years of wear and tear. It will definitely smoother & glossier than a new car, & you’ll fall in love with your car again!
Our Work We sincerely hope you enjoy viewing these finished projects as much as we enjoyed presenting them to our clients.
What keep us apart Warranty protected (ICON) We are the 1st workshop in Malaysia who collaborate and certified by Glasurit Malaysia, which Glasurit is the worldwide OEM paint for most of the Continental cars Nippon Malaysia, which Nippon is the worldwide OEM paint for most of the Japanese cars The warranty are certified by them, therefore we are proud to say that we are your Continental & Japanese Car Spray Specialist. Gated and Guarded (ICON) Our gated and guarded environment will definitely give you a piece of mind when your car is with us. Quality of work (ICON) With our detailed workmanship, quality material and meticulous refinishing work, the outcome will definitely satisfied our beloved customer who put their trust on us. Full cycle of service (ICON) Our services are not limited to the respray work, we provide varies of maintenance program as we have the responsible to maintain and take care your car’s paintwork always stay in the good condition in the long run. Advanced technology and equipment (ICON) Always keeping ourself up to date with the worldwide auto painting industry regarding the technology and equipment to ensure we provide the finest and superb outcome to our customers. Insurance claim expert (ICON) We will walk you through the entire process of making a claim, get the paperwork done and get your car back on the road as soon as possible.